2017 Organic Hemp Juice is on the way.

Sincere apologies to all our customers old and new, as we have had, over the past few months, such a large increase in demand for our frozen hemp juice that we have run out. Our organic hemp juice will be available from the end of August 2017. We look forward to the coming season and we have plans to increase our harvest 10 fold. We hope that in the meantime you will consider our Kama Hemp Capsules to tide you over the gap or as new customers to sample the benefits of hemp as an excellent food for the Endo-Cannabinoid System.
We are happy to take advance orders to secure supply of this years juice and anyone who wishes to do so should just contact the office directly on +353 47 52049.

Many thanks to all hemp drinkers past, present and future.
Kate and Marcus.

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