The people behind hemp-Our story.

In the early days of 1999 we frantically finished building our straw bale house and within weeks our third baby was born there. Our experience with natural building materials, permaculture/regenerative farming and food production lead us very quickly down the path towards hemp. We took  the path and our hemp journey has honestly never been boring but there have been times….…… As many hemp processors know and most certainly in the early days, bloody knuckles and broken parts, were all part and parcel of the developing hemp industry and its farmers. 

When we bought a hemp decortication plant in 2006 we had capacity for 10K tons per annum but funding went horribly wrong and we sold the entire factory soon after. Disappointed, yet still determined we minimised the business and kept going on a much reduced scale. 

In 2013 Dr. William Courtney became a major influence in our lives and as a result we decided to take a chance and juice our hemp. We burnt out our household juicer in about 30 minutes, but we proved the concept and we persevered. 

In the intervening years we have managed to grow the business (even in a difficult regulatory environment) expand our product range and most of all help many, many people. The truth is, the body of knowledge and experience of growing and processing hemp and how beneficial it is to the individual consumer, has kept us going from strength to strength. So encouraged were we by our clients, family and friends that we soon launched the Kama Hemp food brand. 

The name Kama was derived from our names, Kate and Marcus, but it also means love (in Sanskrit). We love hemp, we love everything to do with hemp and we love everything that hemp can do. So Kama was the perfect name for our new venture. Kamas’ office is the first hemp building in Ireland and we also happen to live in Irelands very first straw bale house. Pioneering is clearly our thing but we also engage in regular farming activities, we grow organic oats, keep livestock on our farm and produce much of our own food. 

Growing hemp and developing our Agri-business has been challenging but very rewarding. There is still much work to accomplish here in Ireland regarding the regulation of all hemp foods but we look forward to the day when the Irish hemp industry is thriving in all its diversity and glory.

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