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Kama’s Mission

Kama Hemp is world leader in the supply of Hemp Juice and our mission is to:

  • Grow organically and engage in sustainable organic farming practices.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of hemp juice in the diet and educate about foods naturally containing cannabinoids.
  • Manufacture products which support vibrant health.
  • Promote human intervention that supports all life processes.
  • Promote fair business practice and fair reward, for all involved in the production of hemp juice and fibre.
  • Promote bio-regional development with hemp as the central driver and as a key break crop for organic husbandry, biochar/composting fertility building, woodlands, resource for food, fibre, and natural building material.

 Cultivating hemp runs parallel with ‘green future objectives’. Hemp improves soil structure and fertility, and also controls erosion. These positive attributes make hemp the ideal break crop for farmers.

How it all began....

In 2002 we built our first hemp building, which incidentally is the first hemp building in Ireland. This building is now head quarters for Kama Hemp and Hempire Building Materials our sister company.  Hempire Building Materials creates products using industrial hemp as the main raw material. Cultivating hemp runs parallel with ‘green future objectives’.

In 2013 after years of experimenting we took a brave new step into the food production world. Being juice and health advocates for many years themselves and also by now experienced hemp growers, this put them in the perfect position to take up the premier role in the Hemp Juice business. Kama Hemp Juice was born and remains the only organic hemp juice in the world today.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Years of Growing Experience
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Hectares of Hemp
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Satisfied Customers
The hemp juice by Kama Hemp is part of my daily routine and has played such an important part in my ongoing recovery.
Lorraine Coffey

100% Certified Organic

Specialised experienced hemp processors.

Quality, Organic, 100% Irish

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