Food Marketing

It’s important to understand that the use of additives and food processing, in general, is a function of marketing, and has little to do with consumer protection. Three central agendas drive food marketing:

1. The extension of shelf-life, (which lowers the handling cost of food),

2. The securing of repeat business and

3. The minimising of handling costs.

Food additives are common, cheap and addictive, especially salt, sugar, and MSG. Since the 1930’s, repeated studies have clearly documented ad nauseous the damage was done to public health by what Paul Zane Pilzer refers to as “the nefarious practices of the food industry”. None the less, marketing is what drives the modern consumer economy.

While I have no wish to promote alarmism or conspiracy theories, I do strongly advise caution and careful scrutiny of the claims made in any advertising regarding the health benefits of processed foods. Let us be realistic. The fresher, less adulterated and closer to nature a food is, the less likely it is to damage health.

~ Author Bruce W. Du Vé, Peak Performance Health, How to Thrive in the 21st Century.

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