HARVEST TIME at Kama Hemp – Organic Hemp Juice from our fields to you!


HARVEST TIME at Kama Hemp – Organic Hemp Juice from our fields to you!

photo of our Founder - Out standing in his field
Marcus – Out standing in his field

The sun is shining and the juice is flowing!
It’s great to be out in the hemp fields on a day like this.  All these awesome plants, filling the air with their heady fragrance and beneficial terpenes…They’re a joy to work with.

Juicing is under way as we speak!
This 2017 crop has shot up into a lush jungle, seething with nutrients.  We’re harvesting daily, as we speak.  These luxuriant plants are then juiced by us: only a few hundred metres from the fields where they grow, in our on-site, farm-based juice plant, for maximum freshness and nutrition.
Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve increased production, for our biggest harvest ever.

This hyper-fresh new Organic Hemp Juice is available
as of today 1 September 2017.
You can order now!

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Kama Hemp Juice

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Glass of Kama Hemp Juice with a splash of lemon


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