Introduction to Juicing

If you are new to juicing then you have a great treat in store. Not only are the health benefits of freshly extracted juices unbelievably good, but you’ll be surprised how wonderful flavours can be. Even foods you never believed you would enjoy are suddenly transformed into succulent, rich-tasting super juices in a matter of seconds.

Juicing Equipment

There are basically three types of juicer: centrifugal, masticating, and press.

Purchasing Pointers

  • It’s worth buying the best quality juicer that you can afford. Particularly if you plan to juice often or in large amounts. As always you get what you pay for and what price can you put on good health.
  • A compact, well-designed machine takes up as little space as possible on your worktop.
  • A powerful motor is essential to make juices efficiently and quickly.
  • Check noise levels, as juicers vary and some can be very loud if you plan to juice early in the morning, this could be a bone of contention.
  • Variable speed is useful if you are juicing a variety of different ingredients.
  • Ensure the juicer is easy to clean, with simple, unfussy parts that come apart easily.
  • Check that the juicer has non-slip feet to keep it in place on the worktop.


Additional Kit

  • Handheld stick blender turns juices into smoothies; some ingredients such as bananas or avocados are not that suitable for some juicers but do add very valuable fibre and nutrients.
  • Measuring jugs – most juicers provide one, but you may find a spare one useful too.
  • Sharp knives – A must in every kitchen.


Nutritional Benefits of Juicing

We all know that we should be eating a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Juicing is one more way to get your fruit and vegetable count up, and add nutrients to your diet in an easily absorbed form. Regular juicing helps increase vitality, boost energy levels and fight disease. 150ml of juice counts of your five-a-day portions, but remember that juice cannot count for more that one portion as it doesn’t contain all the nutrients you get from whole fruit and vegetables. The fibre in fruit and vegetables contains beneficial nutrients – because of juicing breaks up these fibres, it allows them to be available to the body in an easily digestible form. The enzymes released actually help the body to absorb vital vitamins and minerals.

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