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Kama Hemp juice is the only organic hemp juice available world wide and more importantly it is the only food on the market (actual food not food supplement) that naturally contains CBD/CBDa in it. For instance oranges, strawberries, broccoli, kiwi fruits, cabbage and even hemp all have vitamin C and many downline products can also make this claim. Only the hemp plant has CBD and we are the only ones making a primary food product from the plant directly. 

With coming regulations marketing/selling oils and extracts is going to become difficult. A novel food authorisation will be necessary for CBD Oil manufacturers while cold processes will be acceptable in terms of CBD food production.

CBD Oils and Hemp Oils – Legal Status

Kama Hemp Juice is a cold processed food. Juiced directly from the plant and as close to the plant as is possible. It is 100% juice extracted from vibrant growing plants. The plant is not dried, it does not go through a complicated extraction process and is the natural alternative glowing health.

We grow all our hemp organically and are certified with IOA (Formerly IOFGA) Licence no: 7501.

We are confident that Kama Hemp’s Organic Juice is the best raw hemp CBD product on the market to day.

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