Shumei Natural Agriculture

What is Shumei Natural Agriculture?

At its core, Shumei Natural Agriculture is the process of rebuilding our relationship to nature, using a foundation of cooperation and gratitude. Farming and eating are the mediums for learning that approach to life, but at its fullest, Natural Agriculture is a way of being in the world no matter what you’re doing.

We are learning the Shumei way of Natural Agriculture. This year we are increasing the amount of hemp planted using the Shumei System. We are building our own relationship and respect for nature and our natural resources. Shumei Natural Agriculture as the name would suggest is an organic system that recognises that our modern food system has obscured our relationship to nature, leading us to believe we are rulers of the environment rather than integral parts of a larger whole. In its most basic sense, Shumei Natural Agriculture farming is the process of correcting that—returning us to a relationship of cooperation with the rest of the natural world.

How does it work? The simple answer is that it’s always different—each farmer creates something unique. That’s because Natural Agriculture is not a method for growing food, it’s an individual relationship with nature. The first lesson of Natural Agriculture is that nature already has all it needs to survive. And so Natural Agriculturists deliberately avoid using, chemicals, hybrid seeds, manure and other additives to the natural system. Instead, they recognize that plants and soils have a natural ability to heal and sustain themselves.

At the moment we are still in organic conversion, we are growing using organic standards and look forward to formally receiving our organic symbol on the 4th April 2017. Each year as the business grows we cultivate more hemp organically using the Shumei methods. We are very grateful to our Japanese friends, Shinya and Tetsuya who travel from Yatesbury in Wiltshire a few times a year to encourage us and to introduce new ideas and practices.




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